Brooms Up! – The German Quidditch Cup in Darmstadt

Already on our way towards the Hochschulstadion across the campus TU Lichwiese in Darmstadt me and my friends were hearing the cheers of the audience and the voice of the stadium announcer. But we weren’t heading to a home match of the German Bundesliga team Darmstadt 98 as some of you were expecting right now. The sound was actually coming from the German Quidditch Championship. The whole event was taking place last weekend.

Official Game Schedule of the German Cup 2016 in Darmstadt, Hessen

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Hate You Right Back

A special kind of Poetry Slam has established itself in Germany, the nation of poets and philosophers. Unfortunately there is another P-word to describe our beloved society, PEGIDA is the living proof that there will always be people stupid enough to be racist. And this is exactly what the Hate Poetry events are about: to fend back the racist hate.

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Living Abroad and Learning Business

Since its establishment in 1987, the EU student exchange program Erasmus is pretty popular among young people all over Europe. The opportunity to live in another country for a certain amount of time gets taken by more and more young people today. Now, in an extension of the program, young entrepreneurs also get the opportunity to travel abroad and incidentally develop their business knowledge.  Continue reading “Living Abroad and Learning Business”