Brooms Up! – The German Quidditch Cup in Darmstadt

Already on our way towards the Hochschulstadion across the campus TU Lichwiese in Darmstadt me and my friends were hearing the cheers of the audience and the voice of the stadium announcer. But we weren’t heading to a home match of the German Bundesliga team Darmstadt 98 as some of you were expecting right now. The sound was actually coming from the German Quidditch Championship. The whole event was taking place last weekend.

Official Game Schedule of the German Cup 2016 in Darmstadt, Hessen

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Playing Quidditch at TU Darmstadt

Muggle Quidditch

The magic sport Quidditch is known to every Harry Potter fan. It’s all about flying on brooms, throwing Quaffles through the enemy’s goal rings and hunting after the Golden Snitch. But Quidditch isn’t just a fantasy game in a book. It has already found it’s way into the real world. There are already European and even World Cups taking place every year. Continue reading “Playing Quidditch at TU Darmstadt”