Living Abroad and Learning Business

Since its establishment in 1987, the EU student exchange program Erasmus is pretty popular among young people all over Europe. The opportunity to live in another country for a certain amount of time gets taken by more and more young people today. Now, in an extension of the program, young entrepreneurs also get the opportunity to travel abroad and incidentally develop their business knowledge.  Continue reading “Living Abroad and Learning Business”

Do Elves and Trolls Really Exist?

Volcanoes, snow and untouched nature might come to your mind when thinking about Iceland. But the small island has definitely more to offer. Depending on its cultural heritage, the small volcanic piece of land involves a lot of Nordic folklore, whereas such ancient customs and traditions usually do not get a lot of attention in other European countries today.  Continue reading “Do Elves and Trolls Really Exist?”

Meeting Young People and Talking Politics

The 80th International Session of the European Youth Parliament (EYP) took place from November 6th until 15th in Leipzig, Germany. Under the slogan “From tearing down walls to setting new stones” it brought together about 300 young people from 39 European countries. The general idea of this gathering is to provide a forum for debate about different political ideas. Continue reading “Meeting Young People and Talking Politics”

Researching the Unknown

Christoph Schattleitner, a young ambitious Austrian journalist, has made it. With a critical article about Austrias’ secret services, Schattleitner won the “Prix de l’EYP” for the best journalistic piece on media freedom in the EU. We talked to him about the award and the problems during the research for his article. Continue reading “Researching the Unknown”