All Souls’ in Czechia

Celebration of All Souls’ Day (Credits to Rinaldo Wurglitsch from Flickr)

The Czech version of Halloween is called “Dušičky” (All Souls’ Day) and takes place on November 2nd. But there is a difference. In Czechia no one dresses up and you see no children walking from door to door asking for trick or treat. Rather you see a lot of people visiting the graves of their deceased family members or friends, to leave flowers and light up candles. And not only one candle. As soon as the sun has set the cemeteries are brightly illuminated.  The light is considered as a guide for the dead as it is believed that their souls return on this day to communicate with the living. 

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November 17, International Student’s Day

Two really important demonstrations took place in mid-autumn in former Czechoslovakia. Students played a big role in both of them.

The first one happened back in the time of World War 2. On October 28th 1939 students initiated a peaceful demonstration in Prague, then occupied by Nazi Germany, to commemorate the 21st anniversary of the creation of an independent Czechoslovak Republic.

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