Brooms Up! – The German Quidditch Cup in Darmstadt

Already on our way towards the Hochschulstadion across the campus TU Lichwiese in Darmstadt me and my friends were hearing the cheers of the audience and the voice of the stadium announcer. But we weren’t heading to a home match of the German Bundesliga team Darmstadt 98 as some of you were expecting right now. The sound was actually coming from the German Quidditch Championship. The whole event was taking place last weekend.

Official Game Schedule of the German Cup 2016 in Darmstadt, Hessen

When we were arriving at the stadium we saw the players already in action. The current German Quidditch Champion Darmstadt was playing against the Tübinger Thestrals on field one and the Bowticores were playing against the Rheinos Bonn on field two. The weather was freezing cold but that couldn’t keep off the bunch of people with Hogwarts scarfs and wands from celebrating the running games. And as we all know from the famous Harry Potter books: “Quidditch is being played at every weather!”

Quidditch Darmstadt (red) playing against Tübinger Thestrals (black)

After the match I had a talk with Tim Simmert from the Quidditch Darmstadt team. I already knew him from our first film shooting when I was attending their practice. They were dominating their first match and could win clearly. Though, Tim meant that their major challenge was still waiting for them. “We’ve never played against the Rheinos Bonn before. The team members are very tall and have a powerful gameplay. I think this is going to be a hard match!”, Tim told me. I wished him good luck and he went to his next match against the Bowticores.

After the first exciting matchday the team of Darmstadt could push themselfes to first place but the final was still to win. There Darmstadt had to play against the Rheinos Bonn. But in the end i didn’t suffice for the Darmstadt team. Rheinos Bonn are the new German Quidditch Champion 2016! They won an intense final after catching the snitch at the score of 60-60. By making the final, both teams also qualified for the European Quidditch Cup 2016, to be held in Italy this April!
The complete ranking of the tournament follows below:

1. Rheinos Bonn
2. Quidditch Darmstadt
3. Ruhr Phoenix – Quidditch Bochum

4. Three River Dragons Passau

5. Bowticores (
Black Forest Bowtruckles Quidditch/ Quidditch Frankfurt)
Tübinger Thestrale: Quidditch Tübingen

German Quidditch Champion 2016 Rheinos Bonn

What started as an idea of few became a small movement within the German community over the course of autumn 2015, and finally true last November: The IQA World Cup 2016 is going to take place in Frankfurt/Main in July 2016. Almost exactly one and a half years after the first official tournament in Germany, Frankfurt will be host to the world. So be seeing you in July!

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