Meeting Young People and Talking Politics


The 80th International Session of the European Youth Parliament (EYP) took place from November 6th until 15th in Leipzig, Germany. Under the slogan “From tearing down walls to setting new stones” it brought together about 300 young people from 39 European countries. The general idea of this gathering is to provide a forum for debate about different political ideas.

Participants of the event are young people aged between 16 and 22, the so-called delegates, who are divided into various committees with topics like Foreign Affairs or Human Rights. In those internationally-mixed groups they have the opportunity to address current issues that touch fundamental rights all over Europe. The goal of the event is to make new friends, develop a joint vision on Europe and find common solutions for the discussed topics.

Our team got the opportunity to participate in the General Assembly of EYP at the end of the two weeks event. After listening to speeches from Bill McAndrews, Vice President of Communications Strategy, Corporate and Market Communications at BMW Group and Krista Simberg, Executive Director of EYP, the delegates presented the solutions they had worked on for the past days during the assembly.

Meeting so many young dedicated people was quite overwhelming in the beginning. But as time went by, we got used to the atmosphere of this very well-structured and serious convention. We got the impression that the young delegates were highly focussed on recent European policy issues and treated each other with a lot of respect. They were very friendly and open towards us as well.

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