Jamie Oliver’s Easy Philosophy

Jamie Oliver lives his passion (c) Russavia from Wikipedia

He is not only a chef, but also a show master, innkeeper, author, food producer, husband and father. Jamie Oliver wants not just Britain but the world to eat better and healthier. To reach that goal, he emphasizes the importance of the acess to food supply and education for everyone.

Thinking of Jamie Oliver you have in mind the picture of a young and driven man, who makes quick and easy food in an effortless way. Usually he is wearing casual jeans, sneakers and messy hair. People recognize him as a down to earth guy whose work pays off: The Sunday Times estimated his fortune at around 180 million pounds.

A very important topic for Oliver is the general health. In his opinion countries like Great Britain or Germany have a lack of focus on that topic. This is one of the reasons for overweight, diabetes and heart diseases. „Cooking is without a doubt one of the most important skills a person can learn“, says Oliver on his website.

Oliver’s matter of the heart is to teach children about food. He founded the Jamie Oliver Foundation supporting different projects. One of them is the Kitchen Garden Project with its mission to raise the health awareness and improve the eating habits of young generations. The Kitchen Garden Project supports British primary schools by introducing small children to the joys of growing and cooking from scratch. Their idea is to provide children with the tools they need to grow food from seed and prepare nutritious meals on their own. Therefore the projects installs gardens in as many schools as possible.

Beginning early with this “education”, children are able to make better food choices and will from then on better understand healthy eating. Oliver’s philosophy is that food education is as important as reading, writing and maths. Children have to see where their food comes from, so when they plant and nurture their own fruits and vegetables they are far more likely to eat them regularly.

Oliver uses his popularity for things that really matter to him. With this attitude he is definitely a rarity in the hard and competitive business of cooking.


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