Variety and spree: Arte’s TV series Karambolage

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What do a pork knuckle, the coronation of Napoleon and a vendor have in common? Mhhh. Any idea?
-They are a subject of last week’s episode of Arte’s tv series Karambolage!

Sounds strange, doesn’t it? Karambolage consists of sections repeated over and over again. The subjects: „The object“, „the word“, „the custom“, „the archive“, „the symbol“. The section headings come as graphics and animations. Interesting connections or differences between the German and French culture are presented to the viewer with tongue in cheek. After two concepts or things are explained, there is a riddle: A German or French everyday scene is shown. Then the spectator will be given a clue hinting at the country in which the scene was shot. In the following week, at the end of the the next episode, the answer is disclosed. The 11-minute broadcast is emitted every week. In Germany on Sundays at 7:30 pm on Arte, in France at 8 o’clock.

Last week

Did you know why the pickled knuckle of pork is also called “Eisbein” in German? I hadn’t known that our forefathers went ice skating on bones before seeing this episode. This contribution of the section „le mets“ (means „the food“ in English) was very interesting. But I did not like the next section that much. To me the likeable speaker with that French accent wandered too much from the subject. For me, it is not interesting whether and why the face of the Napoleon’s painter is disfigured. But I mean, that’s only my opinion. The riddle then again was very exciting and funny. I bet that the scene was taken in Germany. I am already excited to the next sunday’s episode and the resolution given at the end. What do you think?

Spoiler: Not simple at all!


Well done broadcast, humorous animation and a wonderful cure against boredom. These 11 minutes (or even a bit less) are now part of my weekly schedule. I like!

Watch the broadcast:

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