Let’s Cut it Short!


We’ve all been there: Friday evening, hanging out with friends and you can’t come to a decision which movie to watch. Considering that a film will last for at least one and a half hour – it’s not easy to choose. How great would it be if a movie was only 15 minutes long? It wouldn’t take that much of your time and instead of two you could watch a whole bunch of different films. Perhaps no one would even fall asleep, imagine that!

Never worry again: the magazine “Kurzschluss” (in english short circuit), shows at least three short films per week. They can be funny, sad, weird or profound, depending partly on the subject chosen for the week. Last week’s topic was “Impressions of Vienna”, because of the VIS Festival for independent shorts. But the topics can be pretty different, from “trashmovies” to “South-africa” or “trisomie 21”. Additionally the magazine publishes making ofs or interviews with the artists of the shown movies. You can watch it on ARTE on Friday nights – or online, whenever you want.

Anyway, this Belgian movie is called “Slice of the country”, from Hannah Letaif, and I am not sure whether it belongs to the weird or the profound section. It’s about a family (consisting of animals), which is taking a trip to the countryside for a picnic. Everything is fine until they realize that they didn’t bring enough meat. And that there is a “wild human being” grazing next to them. The movie is a dark one, I can tell you that much. But take a look yourself.

This clip is just one example, there were a lot more nice films, the magazine Kurzschluss really is worth a try. But (of course there is a but) I have to admit – it’s not all roses.

Firstly, the homepage is a chaos: every clip appears single (if they appear at all), all in one page and you can’t see what belongs to which week or topic at first. If you want to watch one complete episode you will have to find the movies yourself. At least you don’t have to watch them in the right order.

Secondly, some clips are altogether missing. If this wasn’t sad enough, after a while the licenses for some films seem to be expiring. It only affects a few clips though.

Altogether I would say it’s a cool program, everyone who has a little interest in movies will enjoy watching. So did I.

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